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Air Partner

Digital Experience
Designer / Architect

Air Partner is a leading corporate aircraft charter company and the only aviation company to hold a Royal Warrant from Her Majesty the Queen.

Worked closely with their marketing team we crafted an experience that guided users through the private jet service via a self exploration mechanism that takes you on your own private jet experience. Building their brand, reflecting the service and promoting the effortlessness of private jet travel.


Visionary Designer
Digital Eco System

Designed the digital vision for Sweden's leading pharmaceutical 'Apoteket'.

Creating an inviting, private and friendly dialect via a bespoke conservation builder. The user is then guided through a series of pointed questions, usually associated with a trip to your local chemist to obtain the right treatment or products.

Once logged into the system the user can track their prescriptions, locate their nearest pharmacy, be reminded to update prescriptions, leading to recommendation of products and services for their well-being well-being.


Digital Designer

Canon wants to shift consumers perception of the brand by creating a touring European pop-up visual engagement experience, with each city having it's own bespoke photographic footprint.

Designed an online experience to guide users through their journey, allowing talented student / amateur photographers to submit their photos, re-live the visit, discover a city through apprentices shots, share, print out and frame your photos.


Digital World
Art Director / Brand Guardian

Creative lead and managed a team of 10 designs, crafting the online vision for the digital launch of Everything Everywhere (EE), this included a bespoke online shopping experience.

Worked very closely with Wolff Olins brand strategists and EE's delivery team. Created a responsive e-solution unlike any competitors, resulting in a digital story telling experience that brought the brand to life via an animated canvas. Delivering personalised content to the consumer.

Efes Beverage Group

Digital Experience
Digital Vision

Efes is the lead brewery in Turkey, aspiring to create an innovation centre in Istanbul. Developed an idea to tell the story of beer through RFiD enabled digital communications from pre-launch, during the experience, to the on-going relationships with members.

Users activate various touch points by swiping their RFiD wristband, this included buying a beer at the interactive bar, vote, gauge consumption, send messages to other tables and of course, buy another beer.

HSBC Private Bank

Online Brochure Wear

The Private Bank needed to enrich their online presence with the single aim of engaging potential private high net worth bankers to invest elegantly, seamlessly and contact to their own bespoke relationship manager.

Crafted a clear, unambiguous navigation that guided different user to their desired information, then driving them primarily to their very own relationship manager.


Design Lead / Craftsman
Brand / Brochure / Portal

Worked closely with Roche's product and services team to created an eService portal. The design is typically Swish; minimal, stripped back, simple and uncluttered.

The portal informs clients when their stocks are running low, the latest production becomes available, tracks their orders, monitors stock levels, provides feeds of the latest news, videos and up and coming events.


Online Annual Report
Vison Designer

Designed a vision for Shells online annual reports and create an efficient way to ensure users receive the right content at the right time.

The key to this is based around the ideal that there are three user types, the time starved, the skim readers and the deep divers. Then identify what type of content they are looking for. Ensuring they deliver the correct content via a series of qualifying questions.

Soyombo Vodka

Art Director / Architect
APP (Pitch)

Designed a prelaunch proposal for Soyombo, a new vodka from AUP beverages that wanted exposure the European market. Taking users on a mystical journey through the elements: Air, earth, wind and fire.

The websites back drop was an ethereal world with no obvious navigational system. The user discovers and explores the various episodes through aviation of their tablet, gracefully leading them through the Soyombo Vodka online brand experience.


Designer / Architect / Technical Lead
Responsive Corporate Website

Design the architecture for a modern investor and corporate, pioneering website for a Shunkhlai holding company. Worked closely with their marketing team to design and develop a fully interactive model. The website is also fully responsive and has a dual content management system, enabling an English and Mongolian version.

The end design is elegant and modern whilst retaining a distinctively Mongolian flavour and tradition.

Gary Pearson

Creative Director